» » Interrupting Cow - Prime Creators (2016)
Interrupting Cow - Prime Creators (2016)

Interrupting Cow - Prime Creators

  • Album name:
    Prime Creators
  • Country of consignment:
    United States
  • Style of execution:
  • Type:
    Studio album
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List of songs Prime Creators
01. That's How We Do, Son
02. Anonymous
03. Zebra Carnival
04. Prime Creators (feat. Alan Zehner of The Aurora's Demise)
05. Abiogenesis
06. Tryna Prom?
07. The Gelato from Colorado (feat. Brent Vacarro of Delusions of Grandeur)
08. The Soma: Interlude
09. Bottle Rocket Birthday
10. Solar Nexus [Instrumental]
11. Quid Pro Quo
12. Ghost Firetruck
13. The World Engine
14. Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming
15. Roswell: Desecration of the Universe II
16. Paradise Gates (feat. Gaz King of Nexilva)
17. Bow Down (Born of Osiris Cover)
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